We are a diversified testing, research and design facility that has provided unparalleled testing and evaluation services to government and industry since 1975. Each and every day, HI-TEST continues to provide our customers with the very best in test program solutions. From pre-test analysis to post-test report generation, we offer our analytical engineering tools and expertise alongside our testing and design capabilities to make your test run smoothly, safely, and as efficiently as possible.

HI-TEST is the only commercial facility in the country to offer all NAVSEA approved MIL-S 901 shock testing facilities. Our engineers, instrumentation technicians and craftsmen are here to serve as an extension of your own engineering team. Our customers receive complete test program support, including design, fabrication and installation of test fixtures, equipment repairs, maintenance and on-site modifications.

HI-TEST is committed to helping our customers produce the strongest, safest, most reliable and most advanced products for the service men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces. That is why we offer our “24/7 Dedication” to your program:

  • HI-TEST will test your equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Testing programs will never incur delays due to impending or existing inclement weather conditions*   *with the exception of lightening
  • Customers may access the test facility during evenings and weekends without restriction
  • Unlimited number of tests may be performed regardless of day, week or month