HI-TEST’s vibration facility includes 3 vibration tables, each able to perform testing from 4-50 Hz.

  • 75,000 lb capacity table; the nation’s largest
  • 10,000 lb capacity table
  • 3,000 lb capacity table

Each table is properly constructed to effectively isolate equipment and/or systems from extraneous vibration sources. The vibration laboratory is climate controlled with an observation office, 2 bridge cranes and real-time data feedback.


In addition to our standard testing, HI-TEST also conducts customized and unique test programs on our exclusive testing facilities and vehicles:

  • Underwater Explosion Testing
    • Paddlewheel Test Vehicle
    • Submarine Underwater Test Vehicle
  • Grounding & Impact Testing
  • At-Sea Ship Shock Trials Support
  • Weapons Effects Testing
  • Inclination Testing (Pitch & Roll)
  • MIL-STD-740 Noise Testing (Airborne & Structureborne)
  • Explosive Effects (Bubble Studies)
  • Mine Countermeasure Experiments
  • Mine Neutralization Experiments

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